Riches Are In The Niches

As one of my favorite authors put it, “don’t make me niche slap you”. 

This term refers to jumping between niches too often because you don’t make a billion dollars in one niche market. 

So how do you select a niche?

Selecting a niche is easy, yet you may fail and fail until you succeed in this niche. As mentioned in the E-Book, it took me about 6 months to figure out which messages worked within my niche of police, which ones didn’t, who to contact, sales navigator features to use, scripts to use, and the list goes on.

Conveniently for you, in the premade campaigns there’s scripts that utilize the best frameworks from our case study trial so you don’t have to go through that pain. 

Niching down isn’t just important in Tenix, but it will be important in your career. You will not be memorable if you don’t give someone a reason to remember you.

I called dozens of realtors when I first started, but when I switched up my script to being the “home-town hero” guy, they suddenly started remembering me and working with me.

I talked to hundreds of people, but when I started to go to police union functions and explain what I do, I got dozens of leads and people WANTING my contact information.

A realtor that was in our Tenix trial got into a union association of kidney doctors because of a LinkedIn connection request message that was sent out… Super weird niche, right?

This turned into $5,100,000 worth of volume over 7 months all by going to one of their networking functions where there were around 400 kidney doctors he spoke to about a partnered lender offering 100% financing loans for doctors. (His Offer)

That’s the power of selecting a niche.

Here’s the portion from the E-Book on niche selection if you haven’t read it:

This quote will change your career.

Attached after these sections is the marketing sheet by Tenix. Understanding the WHY behind niche, offer, and credibility is important.

The goal to automation is to make it seem as LEAST automated as possible to not appear like spam.

Personalized messages to a niche of prospects is the key to achieving that.

There’s three primary markets in every marketplace.

We’re in the category of wealth, to real estate, down to mortgage lenders. So, if someone were to market to us, it would be:

Wealth -> Real Estate -> Mortgage Lenders

You want to niche down 3-4 levels. So, theoretically, they could even niche further down to a specific TYPE of lender. Direct lender, mortgage broker, Non-QM, bank, etc.

This is why I’m sure you see advertisements related to lead generation, because they niched down to mortgage lenders.

I did the same at my agency with lead generation to mortgage lenders. Once I learned commission structure for LO’s, I no longer wanted to sell leads with my agency to mortgage companies. I’d much rather learn mortgage guidelines and earn commissions myself.

This doesn’t need to be your primary niche in your career, but you at least need one for higher success through LinkedIn automation.

In mortgage lending, I’ve broken it down into 2 different ways you can niche down.

Products you can offer, so niching down by product:

VA loans, down-payment assistance, investor loans, DSCR loans, ITIN loans, portfolio, commercial. The list goes on.

Second way is the customer types you work with. Niching down by customer type looks like:

Single family home investors, first-time homebuyers, air bnb investors, occupation specific, luxury homes buyers.

These were ideas I just came up with in about two minutes, there’s many more I haven’t mentioned but this will get your thought process aimed in the right direction.

You need to niche down your customer base just as if someone was niching down to sell to you. This is a requirement because, as mentioned, campaigns to seem AS LEAST automated as possible.

The Right Market:

  • Has a reason to work with you (credibility and/or offer which is detailed later)
  • Has purchasing power (obvious)
  • Easy to target (any niche with this method is easy to pinpoint prospects via LinkedIn)
  • Growing (or maintaining at least)

Think primarily about what you have past experience in, who in your sphere of influence you could possibly leverage their relationships, clients that you enjoy working with, or maybe even clients you already have in your database from past deals.

If you have no clients yet, refer back to the sphere of influence and past experience.

I’m an Army veteran and my uncle is a retired Chief of Police. So this is what I did.

Wealth -> Real Estate -> Home-town Heroes -> Police

Another Example: You live in a tourist state like Florida

Wealth -> Real Estate -> Investors -> Airbnb Investors

Side note: I think ANY investor niche will be great in 6-12 months considering investors are stacking cash right now.

How I chose my niche:

Some niches would be what’s called a “blue sea”. They may not even have offers from mortgage companies relative to what they do. A blue sea is free of blood.

A “red sea” is full of blood from large sharks taking up market-share. You can see this in certain mortgage companies that have niched down entirely.

If there are major players in your niche, try to niche down further.

In my example, I niched down primarily to police within the (already) niche category of Home-Town Hero Occupations.

There are MAJOR sharks in the home-town heroes niche in mortgage lending. (Veterans United & Homes For Heroes are two large ones)

So I made my outbound prospecting 10x better than theirs as they rely on inbound marketing and paid advertising.

My messages directly to this niche seemed genuine, credible and most important, NOT automated.

I’ve partnered with departments that gave me 12 leads from a 880 employee size in ONE day. From ONE automated connection on LinkedIn that I booked a phone call with. Resulting in 5 extra loans that month and 7 pre-approvals issued.

If you want, copy my niche. I don’t care honestly. Help the community!

Offer creation, scripting, and credibility is in the next portion of the vault.


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