How To Build A Winning LinkedIn Profile

Profile Foundation

Having a solid foundation to your LinkedIn profile is more important than you skills, your offer, and your message scripting.

How do I build a LinkedIn profile made for conversions? Let’s dive in. 

I’m going to be using James Watson’s profile as an example below as he perfectly demonstrates this plus a multitude of free content around LinkedIn marketing.

The main thing is a nice high-contrast background pic, close enough to see the whites of your eyes. Background photo representing what you do in some way, shape or form.

Your headline is often a make or break moment for an accepted request. 
The goal of the tagline is three-fold:

– Tell people who you are

– Tell people what you’re working on

– Tell people what they should expect if they follow you

It’s not time to be cute or clever. It’s time to be clear.

Headline is insanely important as it’s the first thing that your prospect is going to see on a connection request message.

“Real Estate Agent at (Company)” isn’t good enough.

“Mortgage Loan Advisor at (Company)” isn’t good enough.

It needs to be specific to your niche prospect group, this will still work with realtors if you’re a loan officer looking to create connections. Mine reads “Top Producing Mortgage Broker For Home-Town Heroes & Veterans”

No matter who I talk to through a campaign, referral partner or client, they see I either help them or I help clients of theirs within that niche. 

If I’m talking to referral partners, my message includes my WHY (credibility) and OFFER to helping those individuals. 

Make sure you add keywords that your ideal prospects would use into your company profile info and under “specialties”. It will make your profile much easier to find.

Your “About” section is all about social proof as mentioned in the E-Book. 

It’s time to brag and have a prospect learn something new about you at a minimum every 3 seconds. 

PS: You can find more examples in our eBook if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet here:


This is a good illustration of how your account gets consumed by your prospects. In our case since a connection message will be sent first to develop the relationship, it starts here: 

Reads Tagline -> Reads Message -> Clicks on profile -> Reads banner image -> Reads About -> Reads some content -> Accepts connection -> Starts conversation







Skills are keywords for LinkedIn to ‘SEO optimize’ your profile – so use your full allowance of 50.

Use keywords people might be searching for that your service provides a solution to e.g. lead generation or social media marketing.LS & ENDORSEMENTS


Recommendations are hugely important and normally overlooked or ignored – so do whatever it takes to get some ASAP!

Prioritize getting recommendations from past & current clients, this is your best social proof on LinkedIn.


Regularly join groups where your ideal prospects hang out NOT just groups where your peers are.

e.g. Nurse or police groups if they’re you’re targeted niche. Loan officers can join realtor groups etc. 

Make sure your profile is set to PUBLIC so anyone can see who you are and what you do. 

Your LinkedIn profile should be an open sales landing page… 

…its NOT your private Facebook profile.

Content Creation Quick Tips:

1. Images get 2X better engagement. (not always true, test it. My personal findings.)

2. Live video on linkedin gets 7x more reactions, 24x more comments than regular vids

3. Use 2-3 hashtags (make sure they have decent usage) per post

4. Post 5 times per week M-F:

 How to/instructional posts on buying a home, market insight, business memes, etc.

 Never hard sell with content – it should always be value that drives people to speak with you or just builds your credibility. The new amount of connections each   week will have people reading your content.

5. Don’t worry too much about likes / comments. LinkedIn is very different as a platform in that people will read and enjoy your content, but never interact with it. I’m unsure why.

6. There is no universal best time to post, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much either.

What’s next?

This is the first milestone in your journey to winning more closings with Tenix. Next up is your offer, message scripting, and credibility milestone.  


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