Done-With-You Marketing Walk-Through

First Marketing Pillar

Niche – Your ideal group of prospects or referral partners.

When selecting a niche, ask yourself these questions:

What products do I offer OR what products can my preferred lender offer? (EX: Home-town heroes program, 100% doctor financing, foreign national loans, ITIN loan)

What do I have past experience in? (EX: School alumni, past jobs, family relationships, past client case studies)

Who do I enjoy working with? (EX: doctors, military members, police, business owners, investors)

What real estate do I enjoy selling / approving financing for? What do I do the most of already? (luxury homes, mobile homes, Air-bnb, condos, custom homes)

Do I have strong relationships with other individuals in this niche to leverage relationships? (Police chiefs, business owners, property managers, lawyers, doctors)

Select 3 niches based on these questions you’ve answered.

Second Marketing Pillar

Offer – What value can you provide to make prospects in this niche feel STUPID for not replying to you?

What pain points does my niche have?

Specialized programs I offer (or my preferred lender)?

How can I script this to give the greatest perception of value?

What can I offer to referral partners to get them more business? (EX: Show them realtor E-Book or MLO E-Book)

Third Marketing Pillar

Credibility – Why should they trust you? Why do you CARE to cater to this niche? 

What past experience do I have within this niche? (EX: former clients, sphere of influence relationships, personal past experience)

What can I use as a case study? (If you don’t have a case study, borrow one to show credibility for what your offer would do for this niche)

Bringing It All Together

Now you have a niche, an offer, and a credibility statement to put in your scripting. Please move on to the scripting portion to create messages to your niche.

OR use our pre-written scripts we’ve tested to niches we’ve already marketed to in your area.


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