How To Write High-Performing LinkedIn Content

High-performance LinkedIn content has 3 different parts:

– The Meat

– The Trailer

– The Takeaway & CTC

I use this to write a piece of content each morning. Consistency is everywhere. Within lead generation, within content, within growing a social audience. So here’s how you begin.

The Meat:

The first thing I do is create “the meat” of the content. 

This is where you’re teaching something.

It’s the information you want to convey.

This could be “10 Ways To Invest Into An Airbnb” or “Steps For Buying Your First Home”

The Trailer:

The next part of the content I create is the “trailer.”

The trailer is the opener and has 2 jobs:

– Break the scroll pattern with the first line.

– Make each line intriguing enough to get the reader to the next.

If you wrote about Airbnb investing, the trailer would like you:

“Everyone is talking about creating passive income with real estate and short-term rentals such as Airbnb. Nobody is telling you how to actually start. Here are 10 ways to begin on your Airbnb journey while working full-time:”

The Takeaway & CTC:

My goal at the end is to give the reader a nice little takeaway. 

Think of it as the last thing they’ll remember reading before I call them to the conversation with a simple question.

“If you buy one airbnb per year over the next 3 years, you could leave your full-time job if you wanted to. Passive income is everywhere. Are you going to get it?”

Recycle for 2x Engagement:

So, for a 2nd post (Noon for example), recycle.

I go back 365 days and update a piece of content from last year.

There are thousands new followers who never saw it.

And most people won’t remember.


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