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Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is a product offered by LinkedIn that is a database of all their current members that sales professionals can use to build a lead list. The issue with Sales Navigator is that you have to get EXTREMELY granular with your searches if you want to get great results.

Advanced Search Filter Definitions

Keywords: keywords that are on your prospects profile

Custom Lists: leads that you may have saved into a custom list

Past Lead and Account Activity: leads that you may have saved, viewed, contacted within a past sales navigator search

Geography: let’s you target a specific location


  1. 1st Degree Connections: People you’re directly connected to because you’ve accepted their invitation to connect, or they’ve accepted your invitation.
  2. 2nd Degree Connections: People who are connected to your 1st-degree connections.
  3. 3rd Degree Connections: People who are connected to your 2nd-degree connections.

Industry: allows you to target a specific type of business

School: can search to target prospects that went to a specific school (great for recruiters)

Profile Language: can filter by language that the prospect knows

First Name: first name

Last Name: last name

Seniority Level: level of seniority that the prospect holds at the company

Years in current position: how long the prospect has held their current position

Years at current company: how long the prospect has been at the company

Functions: section of the company that they work at (ex: legal, HR, marketing)

Title: position at current company

Years of experience: how long they have been in this field

Company: filter by specific company name

Company headcount: amount of employees at a company

Company type: formation of company

Past company: target prospects that worked at a particular company previously

Become a member: filter how long they have been on LinkedIn

Groups: search to see if your prospect is apart of a particular group

Posted content keywords: filter by keywords used in your prospects content

Using Boolean Search In Sales Navigator

You can run a Boolean search on LinkedIn by combining keywords with operators like AND, NOT, and OR during your search. This means you can include additional words, exclude additional words, and have either X or Y added into the prospect list.


  • When using NOT, AND, or O operators, you must type them in uppercase letters.

Example: Doctor OR Physician OR Orthopedic Surgeon OR Dentist

This will pull up all accounts in those occupations.

Best practices when niching down for real estate & mortgage clients.

Geography is obviously very important as it’s required for states you’re licensed in as originators or your city for realtors. 

For loan originators, finding your ideal clients or referral partners in higher priced markets is very easy utilizing this tool if you choose to do so.

Years in current position is great for finding clients such as an occupation niche. Individuals are more likely to buy a home within the first 3 years of being in a stable job. If you choose doctors with 100% financing options, you can select years in your current positon.

School section and you have a very easy introduction to any of your college alumni.

Shared Past Experiences combine school and any past experiences you can share with each other. 

Active Profiles is useful because you’d like to niche down to people that will actually see your message first. “Posted In Last 30” filter will help you get these individuals first.

Target people new to their job? Changed jobs last 90. These people are more likely to be moving which can be an advantage to realtors. Depends on their relationship with their last realtor or if they’re renting still. 


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